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ww40 William_D_WARREN at UMAIL.UMD.EDU
Sun Apr 26 13:37:00 EST 1992

>.....[ much stuff deleted]

> Down here I was under the (hopefully mistaken) impression
> that synthetic oligos (12-mers) would cost us several thousand
> dollars for 25mg.  Can I buy 25mg of eg. the Dickerson(?) dodecamer
> for 12x$6.50 = $78/micromol ??
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Alan -
The John Curtain Medical School at the ANU has a protein/DNA
synthesis facility. Contact Dr Peter Milburn there and I'm sure
he'll help you with any information regarding your special needs
(and say G'day to him for me too). Alternatively there are several
biotech companies in Sydney that would help you. Oligo prices
and the quality of product do vary from place to place but the
price of $4 to $8 per base is not uncommon.

Good luck
(usual disclaimers apply)

Center for Ag. Biotech.
University of Maryland

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