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bhjelle at (Brian Hjelle) writes:

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>Yes! Yes! Trying to purify your own oligos in the lab is a prescription
>for disaster. We buy ours from Oligos Etc, which are pretty good and
>run about $4.50 per base, no setup charge, and no purification
>charge (1 umol scale is $6.50/base). 
 As an inorganic chemist interested in the interactions of metal-ion
 complexes with oligonucletides, I know that I'm trespassing where
 I don't belong, but this price grabbed my attention!

 Can this really be the commercial price for oligos on the micromole
 scale? Down here I was under the (hopefully mistaken) impression
 that synthetic oligos (12-mers) would cost us several thousand
 dollars for 25mg.  Can I buy 25mg of eg. the Dickerson(?) dodecamer
 for 12x$6.50 = $78/micromol ??

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