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In <1992Apr24.034819.28352 at ucc.su.OZ.AU> weiss at ee.su.oz.au (Tony Weiss) writes:

>Can anyone help me re: sources for these? We want to organize our new -80
>degree freezer, but face the eternal problem of a myriad of little vials, all
>of which require some systematic storage method.

>I have vague memories of white boxes with coordinates marked in black
>lettering, roughly resembling the coordinates of a chess board. These racks
>could be stored in wire storage frames.

>Any advice (good or bad!) would be appreciated.

>Tony Weiss
>weiss at ee.su.oz.au
>Dept Biochemistry  G08
>University of Sydney
>NSW  2006
We purchased Nalgene "Cryoboxes" last year from Daigger, a 
scientific supplyhouse but shoud be available from other 
sources and direct from Nalgene.

Boxes (polycarbonate; 9X9 --for 81 tubes), 
Cat. No. 526-0909.

Racks (Stainless Steel; 9 shelf), Cat. No. 5035-0009

There are many other sizes available.  They seem to be durable, 
etc.  The only
drawback is that they can be COLD and slick when searching 
for that sample thatyou just know is somewhere in the 
freezer:-).  Anyway, hope this works--Roy French

>"usual disclaimers apply" 
Me too.

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