RNAse-protection kits

Richard Link link at cmgm.stanford.edu
Wed Apr 22 17:43:10 EST 1992

						Does anyone out there have any experience using the RNAse protection kit
offered by AMBION?  I am interested in starting some protection experiments
and, in my previous experience, a kit would probably streamline things a bit
since the assay requires a lot of reagents.  I am particularly interested in the
use of the kit with one of the non-radioactive detection systems available for
labelling RNA (i.e. Genius kit).  If anyone has any opinions or experience
doing RNAse protection with either a kit or non-radioactive detection, I would be 
very grateful if he/she could mail this information to me.

					Thanks in advance for any help.

														- Richard Link
										       Dept. Molecular and Cellular Physiology
																	Stanford University

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