Bruce Byrne byrne at soma.umdnj.edu
Wed Apr 22 13:13:14 EST 1992

followup to massive contamination problems:

1.  Get someone else to synthesize your primers for you; buy or trade 
services.  Working with PCR products in the same room where any of the 
sensitive reagents that go into the reaction mix is very touchy.  When
you get the new oligos, set up the reaction mixtures in a colleague's

2.  Decontaminate pipettes, glassware, evaproating equipment, etc. with
1 N HCl or dilute clorox.  Check out minimim PCR carry-over protocols   
and follow them with great care.  See, for instance Nature 339:237-238

3.  I doubt that carry-over products come from the air, but they do 
come from aerosols, hair, gloves, labcoats, pipettes, surfaces, 
autoclave-contamination....  The list goes on.


Good luck!


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