Computerized gel documentation

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Fri Apr 17 10:42:04 EST 1992

We are using a video camera based system from Kem-En-Tec, Denmark ( US Biotrek
Inc Oklahoma 1-800 522-8735). If you only are interested in a photo
documentation system, all you need is a B/W camera, a video monitor and a video
printer (less than US $2500). It provide you with a 265 gray level picture in 4
sec for about 10 cents each). This save us equivalent to the hardware cost in
one year. If you wants data manipulation and media storage, the system utilize
PC and a framegrabber plus software that can help you according to your need (
1-D , 2-D gels, ELISA reading, bacterial counting etc). The system is modular
and is easy to use.  We use it for DNA gels (just photo) and for SDS gels since
it serves as a densitometer to. They also have a DNA sequence module I am not
familiar with. Each picture take about 2-300kb and you can also export them to
other software like Wordperfect, Paint etc. The complete system with all
hardware plus one module of software cost about $14000. By the way ethitium
bromide gels require a interference filter to block for extra UV
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(David Nunn) writes:
>  I am interested in getting feedback from labs that use systems like Eagle-Eye
>(Stratagene), Imager (Appligene), Lynx (Applie Imaging), or others systems,
> for gel documentation of DNA and protein gels.  In particular; what solutions
> to datastorage, cataloging and retrieval have you come up with; cost effectiveness
> vs.plain old polaroid photos; uses for these systems that make them, in your
> opinion, worth the money; any other feelings, strong or otherwise. 

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