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Thu Apr 16 14:56:52 EST 1992

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> Hello Netters,
> A recent short article in NAR (Ponce, M.R., and Nicol, J.L., 1992, Vol. 20, 
> p.623) describes conditions for PCR amplification of long (>6 kb) DNA
> fragments.  The 10X buffer contains 1% Thesit. The SIGMA catalog says
> Thesit is a trade name for polyoxyethylene 9-lauryl ether.
Thesit ?

It sounds like a specific scientist disease...  :-))))))

> Can anyone out there tell us more about Thesit in PCR?  If it's good, why
> is it good?  Where did you get it?  Any comments appreciated.
> 				Thanks, 
> 				Al McGraw
> 				University of Georgia

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