reuse of Dynabead-oligo(dT)?

Clifford J Beall cbeall at
Mon Apr 13 12:10:23 EST 1992

In article <9204111220.AA18791 at> yhsun%imb.dnet at LAS.AS.EDU.TW writes:
>Can the oligo(dT)-Dynabead be reused? i.e. Can the oligo(dT)-dynabead
>withstand NaOH wash? Is there a temperature limit for the elution step?
>Henry Sun

Dear Henry,
A post-doc in our laboratory has re-used the beads by washing 5 times
in 0.1 N NaOH and then 5 times in 0.02% azide in PBS pH 7.5.  This 
procedure worked for at least a half dozen uses.  I have no information
on the temperature limit beyond the recomended 65 degrees.
All the best,
Cliff Beall
Ohio State Biotechnology Center

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