freezer monitor alarms

loren joseph ljlj at
Sun Apr 12 10:08:46 EST 1992

I hope this is an acceptable place to post this message- it does

not deal with methods but does bear on reagent welfare. Can 

anyone offer do-it-yourself advice on assembling a temperature

monitor-alarm-autodialer system fro multiple freezers.  Some already

have monitors with audible alarms, so hookup with a dialer should

be simpler.  Others would need a temp. probe, hopefully with a thin

lead that can sneak past the door gasket Several supply house catalogues

advertise reasonably priced models that seem like they should work, but

I do not have a good feel for what kind of power-output, leads and so

forth are needed to connect an autodialer.  I can refer people to one company/distributor

which supplies a four freezer-1 dialer system for about $1200, which seems

a bit steep (except compared to the aggregate cost of enzymes/bacterial 

stocks...).  I will be happy to compile and post (?compost?)direct

responses (I'll also try to find out how to reduce linespacing with

this editor).  Thanks, Loren Joseph (U. Chicago)

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