subcloning YACs...

Fri Apr 10 19:34:34 EST 1992

Gentle readers,
I have been walking to an interesting Arabidopsis gene, and am attempting
to subclone a YAC into plasmid and cosmid or lambda vectors.  The first 
attempts at accomplishing this seemingly trivial task have been unsuccessful.
If any of the readers of this column can be of assistance, I would be 
grateful to hear from you.  Replies can be either to this service, or to me
personally.  In the latter case, I can share with the network any information 
I collect, if it seems helpful.  If any reader knows of a network directed 
toward genome project or YAC technology related issues, perhaps you could 
share that information too.

Thanks 10^6,
Terry Delaney
Salk Institute 

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