RNase free DNase.

Bruce Byrne byrne at soma.umdnj.edu
Fri Apr 10 13:42:52 EST 1992

srckjel at chv.dsir.govt.nz writes:

>We are aiming to quantify RNA in an RNA prep. but having difficulty with
>co-isolated DNA.We want to use RNase free DNase to remove thisand would
>appreciate comments and advice on which companies provide the best product
>which is really (!) free of RNase.Thanks in advance.Jane Lancaster and Sonya

   We used Promega's RQ1 with considerable success (NAR16:4165 1988)
You will want to titer your enzyme to your prep; any useful data will
be derived from lots of runs and preps with lots of DNA will require
substantial DNase.  A non-rt/PCR control demonstrates you've used enough
to kill DNA signal.

Bruce Byrne

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