Mitochondrial isolation using Nagarse

jnsmar14 at jnsmar14 at
Wed Apr 8 12:41:17 EST 1992

Does anyone have experience with using the proteinase Nagarse in the isolation
of mitochondria from muscle. I am trying to isolate tightly coupled, intact
mitochondria from dragonfly flight muscle, and will start experimenting 
with this, just as soon as the enzyme arrives from Sigma.
Is anyone interested in the metabolism of flight in insects? I am also working
on the hormonal regulation of the release of fuels to power flight in 
dragonflies, apart from the usual testing of maximal activities of key enzymes.
I would be most interested to contact anyone who has some experience, or is
working in this field at the moment.

Pierre Janssens
Insect Neuropeptide Research Group
Zoology Department
University of Cape Town
South Africa

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