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Sat Apr 4 12:30:08 EST 1992

Peter Hakenberg writes:

>Some days ago I have heard of a new sequencer from milipore.
>Also, I know that hitachi has build one.
>The only thing I know is that the Milipore-Sequencer has 80 lanes (4 lane per
>probe) and the software runs on a Sparcstation. MY knowledge about the hitachi
>sequencer is zero.
>Can anyone tell me more?

Millipore does indeed have a new automatic sequencer, the
"BaseStation".  And it does work from a Sparc (Sun Microsystem).
It uses the same fluorescent chemistry as the Pharmacia ALF (ie 4
lanes per sample) but that is about where the similarity stops.
The 80 lanes (standard fluorescently labelled sanger sequenced DNA)
are loaded and they are "illuminated" by a white light, the DNA
fluoresces and a CCD camera scans the bottom of the gel and takes
"pictures" of the gel.  The "pictures" are then reconstructed to form
an "autorad" like picture which is then analyzed by their software,
which has been on the market (as a stand alone autorad gel reader) for
a couple of years. This is quite different from the ABI and Pharmacia
machines, which are taking a linear reading across the lanes.  Here
the BaseStation looks at the whole band, and makes its call from that.
The softwares work under Sun's OpenWindow.  

The product is new (released last December) and looks promissing.

I do not own a BaseStation (but if they want to lend me one I will
take it ;-) , and I do _not_ work in any way shape or
form for Millipore or Sun.  I do have their autorad reading software
(and a Sparc2) which I am just beginning to use, so I will not 
(at this time ;-) comment on it ...  All the information I have is
from talking to Millipore people and from their brochure.

hope this helps, 



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