Need E.coli vector w/T7 and regulated promoters

Michael Lonetto lonetto at
Mon Aug 31 11:50:48 EST 1992


I'm looking for a vector with both a regulated (E. coli) promoter and
a T7 promoter for overexpression of the same product.  Before I go
ahead and make it I'd like to know if someone else has already done
it and is willing to give it out. The commercial vectors I've seen with
P-lac and P-T7 all seem to produce fusions to B-gal or a T7 protein.  
For my purposes I need to express my gene as a non-fusion under regulated
conditions (for study IN VIVO), as well as overexpress it (for purification).

This seems like something that a lot of people working in E. coli would
use, so I'd be surprised if no one had done it yet.


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