Problem isolating M13 ssDNA

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Fri Aug 28 11:51:48 EST 1992

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>>Usually, I work with dsDNA but on occasion I make ssDNA to
>>sequence troublesome clones.  

*stuff deleted*

>>- Steve Klautky -

>1) In my hands DH5-alpha-F' is a low yield producer of ssDNA, I've had
>much better luck with MV1190 (or even JM101 in the olden days)...

You may have to try a number of F' strains to get the desired ssDNA.
There's a strain from Bethesda Research Labs called DH11S and one
from Statagene called XL1-blue.

>2) Your "troublesome clones" may be res[p]onsible for your decreased
>yields, many clones simply do not produce ssDNA well...

>Dr. Warren Wakarchuk

This is a FAQ for this group. You may find helpful hints for
trouble shooting in the archives. Does anyone keep a FAQ list
for this group?

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