PBR322 - maximizing yields

bhjelle at carina.unm.edu bhjelle at carina.unm.edu
Thu Aug 27 08:24:38 EST 1992

The postings about how to get great yields of pUC are all fine
and good, but in most cases we get enough DNA from a pUC
miniprep to keep us happy for a long time. 

Unfortunately, some things can only be done in pBR-based
vectors and I have been plagued with totally miserable
yields of one particular example of same for more than
a month now.

I have tried chloramphenicol amplification (which I used
to use in the old days when pBR was everywhere, but have
lost my old recipe). Unfortunately, the major cloning
manuals do not actually give understandable recipes for
chloramphenicol amplification. The attempts I made to
improvise did not seem to help.

What are the best tricks for increasing yields of pBR-based


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