N2 storage of murine cell-lines

skrshaw at uk.ac.reading.susssys1 skrshaw at uk.ac.reading.susssys1
Wed Aug 26 14:20:52 EST 1992

I've had problems in successfully freezing macrophage cell cultures so they 
can be successfully resuscitated. The problem does seem to lie in the actual freezing. The cells are harvested in the log phase, suspended in a glycerol freezing mixture at five-fold concentration then left overnight (well insulated) in a -70C freeze
Can anybody suggest alternative procedures? The alternatives facing me at present are constructing a "freezing box" which will cool at the correct rate in a -70C freezer (feasible) or persuading the department to buy a commercial cell freezer (less f

Sean Shaw
Microbiology, Reading University
skrshaw at sksscsc1.rdg.ac.uk

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