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Wed Aug 26 11:16:21 EST 1992

In article <9208261249.AA11697 at rac2.wam.umd.edu>, desai at WAM.UMD.EDU (Dinakar) writes:
>Hi Molecular Biologists:
>Friend of mine is trying to set up RNAse protection assay. I read in previous
>post that there is method to conduct assay directly from GIT. If anyone
>has the reference, I would appreciate receiving the lead to the reference.
>Thanks in advance.

See BioTechniques  12(5):736-739.  David Gillespie, one of the authors, has a
kit out that does this, he claims.  I posted a question about this method some
weeks ago with only one reply that it is being tried out by the correspondent's
lab.  If anyone else is doing this, I'd really like to know how it works out. 
I have not had any luck with my own homebrew of this method, but I have had a
number of problems related to my own clumsiness.

Daniel Kim

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