Wed Aug 26 07:13:00 EST 1992

Dear Netters,
I would be grateful for any information you can give me about calculating the
Tm's for oligo hybridization. My problem is this:
Sambrook/Fritsch/Maniatis (whose endeavours I have been grateful for on many
occasions) quote three equations to calculate Tm's (Vol2, p9.51). As has been 
pointed out before, the value for log[Na] should be added, not subtracted in
the DNA/DNA equation. Nobodys perfect (:^). My interest is in the DNA/RNA and 
RNA/RNA equations.
1. Where %G+C is mentioned, then I assume 60%G+C is 0.6 and not 60 (which 
isn't %G+C in my book)?
2. Can anybody provide me with references for these equations? I have looked
at the ones quoted in Sambrook et al. but I cannot find the equations in these
papers. Thanks in advance.
George Murphy
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