Baby powder those sticky gels

Fri Aug 21 13:37:38 EST 1992

In article <1992Aug21.002612.16567 at>, ca566 at cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Michael Holloway) writes:
>I've received an E-mail message about the "sticky sequencing gel" problem
>that I was asked to pass on.  Seems like a perfectly reasonable solution.
  I just throw the gel in the -80 oC for the exposure.  Frozen, the gel 
does not stick to the film.  But I also fix (60 min.) and dry my wedge 
gels much longer than most (several hours).  So this method may not cut 
it for some of you.  
  Actually, I've quit doing wedge gels since I started using HydroLink's 
Long Ranger acrylamide.  Seems to do the same thing the Na Acetate in the 
bottom buffer would do.  (But I've not tried Na Acetate so I can't say from 
personal experience.)

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