HELP: ligation (used to be Re: cip & geneclean)

Stuart Brown browns at
Fri Aug 21 10:17:01 EST 1992

>>>We have been attempting to clone a fragment of DNA into a high
>>>copy-number vector (a derivative of the pUC plasmids).  We have had some
>>>problems with incomplete digestion of the vector causing high
>>                ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
>>>background, thus making identification of recombinant clones difficult
>>>(using lacZ blue/white identification).  
>Thank you (in advance) for any assistance with our problem,
>Vernon Coyne
>coyne at

A simple method for reducing background from uncut vector: after digestion and
dephosphorylation, run your cut vector on a gel and cut out the band of linear
molecules.  Ligate in agarose or clean DNA out of agarose with your favorite


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