HOS cells

Daryl Webb daryl at RT2.MENZIES.SU.EDU.AU
Fri Aug 21 10:34:44 EST 1992

Sorry if this is a little off beat for this newsgroup but I'm hoping that its
wide readership might come up with something.  grovel, suck :-)*

We wish to obtain the following cell line for virological studies:

HOS (human osteogenic sarcoma) cell line described in RM McAllister et al
Cancer (1971) 27:397-402 and listed as ATCC CRL 1543

Though this cell line is available from ATCC, it would be more convenient (no
AQIS etc) to obtain it from another Australian institution.

So all you Aussie Labbies do me a favour and have a look in the bottom of
that LN2 tank in the corner eh.   Please :-)*

To stop me wasting any more bandwidth please E_mail replies.

Ta muchly

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