InVitroGen Dipsticks?

Wed Aug 19 18:45:04 EST 1992

>Any netheads out there have any experience with the InVitroGen Dipsticks used
>for determining DNA quantity in solutions?  I have heard the literature
>of being as easy to use as litmus paper, sensitive enough to detect 20ng/ul
>with only a 1ul sample, etc.  What I would like are personal
>experiences/opinions, etc on whether this stuff works, is cost-effective,

G'day all,
IMHO, these "Dipsticks" are not worth the money. They require you to
pipette on a small DNA sample to a plastic supported matrix, let it dry,
place the paper in a small cuvette with developer solution and let stand for
something like 10 minutes (I can't remember exactly as I only did it twice
I agree completely with Bill.  It is difficult to "read" the color, partly 
because a darker ring forms with a pale interior.  In my opinion, the product 
has little value.

Dan Meier

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