Automated sequencing

Basavaraju Shankarappa bsh at MED.PITT.EDU
Wed Aug 19 16:33:06 EST 1992

> Hello out there,
> Automated DNA sequencers are used for sequencing DNA, and can also be
> used for say determining the size of labeled DNA fragments.
> I was wondering if anyone is aware of other possible or potential
> applications of these machines. Any ideas?
> Johan de Boer 
> jdboer at
Use of automated sequencer and/or the principle IMHO is presently
the big thing in forensics to correct for the so called
BAND SHIFTING.  This is done by incorporating size markers which
have been labeled differently along with the sample.  This sample
is usually PCR products obtained from using primers  that are again 
labeled differently with different fluorescent labels.  Thus each primer
that is specific for each gene will generate specific bands the size of
which is internally controlled for.  
This is also being attempted to be used in VNTR mapping.
and possibly for identifying the gene responsible for a genetic disease 
using mapping techniques similar to those above.  

ABI has software currently available for doing such kind of work.  But
I do not know whether anyone has standardized the different techniques.

Also the other use is in diagnostics for use with multiplex PCR; where
you amplify with different primers and even if the products overlap,
because of the different fluorescent tags on them, you should be very
easily possible to identify the presence of a specific pathogen.

I think this technology is going to revolutionize almost all the 
applications that would require or benefit from electrophoretic analysis.
Raj Shankarappa.

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