polysaccharides in DNA extractions

Bill Melchior, NCTR/FDA wmelchior at NTBTOX.NCTR.FDA.GOV
Wed Aug 19 12:34:51 EST 1992

>I am
>looking for a way to chemically or enzymatically digest the poly-
>saccharide without damaging the DNA.  Since DNA is also a 
>substituted polysaccharide, is this still possible?

DNA and RNA are not polysaccharides in the usual sense, since they're
linked through phosphate esters rather directly from sugar to sugar.
I don't know for sure, but would be surprised if enzymes that digested
one type of molecule would harm the other.  Trying chemical degradation 
of polysaccharides without damaging DNA could be riskier.

Glassmilk purification might work.  Hydroxyapetite adsorption would 
probably be specific for the DNA.
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