InVitroGen Dipsticks?

Basavaraju Shankarappa bsh at MED.PITT.EDU
Wed Aug 19 13:52:56 EST 1992

> >Any netheads out there have any experience with the InVitroGen Dipsticks used 
> >for determining DNA quantity in solutions?  I have heard the literature
> claims
> >of being as easy to use as litmus paper, sensitive enough to detect 20ng/ul 
> >with only a 1ul sample, etc.  What I would like are personal 
> >experiences/opinions, etc on whether this stuff works, is cost-effective, 
> G'day all,
> To anyone thinking of buying the DNA Dipstick I'd suggest that, unless
> they have improved their product in the last year, you'd be better off
> running your sample along with some standards on a mini agarose gel for
> 30min - in my hands this gives a more accurate estimation of DNA
> concentration and also leaves you free for 30 minutes to do other things
> (like read Bionet News :)
> Bill Warren
I basically agree with this observation.  The KIT is a BAD kit.
I have not been able to get quantitation of DNA to any reasonable accuracy
using this kit and I have also decided that it is a worthless product.
Raj Shankarappa

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