InVitroGen Dipsticks?

ww40 William_D_WARREN at UMAIL.UMD.EDU
Wed Aug 19 13:08:00 EST 1992

>Any netheads out there have any experience with the InVitroGen Dipsticks used 
>for determining DNA quantity in solutions?  I have heard the literature
>of being as easy to use as litmus paper, sensitive enough to detect 20ng/ul 
>with only a 1ul sample, etc.  What I would like are personal 
>experiences/opinions, etc on whether this stuff works, is cost-effective, 

G'day all,
IMHO, these "Dipsticks" are not worth the money. They require you to
pipette on a small DNA sample to a plastic supported matrix, let it dry,
place the paper in a small cuvette with developer solution and let stand for
something like 10 minutes (I can't remember exactly as I only did it twice
and decided that they weren't worth the effort), rinse the stick and place
it in a second solution for colour development (another 10 or so minutes)
before you get the result. Total time is around about 30minutes and even
then it's very difficult to determine the concentration accurately since
twice the DNA does not produce twice the colour at low concentration
(ie even if you set up a series of standards it's very difficult to tell the
difference between samples of 20ng and 40ng).

To anyone thinking of buying the DNA Dipstick I'd suggest that, unless
they have improved their product in the last year, you'd be better off
running your sample along with some standards on a mini agarose gel for
30min - in my hands this gives a more accurate estimation of DNA
concentration and also leaves you free for 30 minutes to do other things
(like read Bionet News :)

Bill Warren

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