TMACl hybridization of RNA:DNA

Basavaraju Shankarappa bsh at MED.PITT.EDU
Wed Aug 19 08:22:17 EST 1992

> Furthermore I would like if somebody has some experience on how to keep the
> DYNA-beads from falling to the bottom (I know the hard way, resuspending them
> mannully ones in a while, but as a normal human beeing, I am seeking for some-
> thing to do the job for me)
> Peter Kristensen
> Department of chemistry
> Division of Biostructural Chemistry
> University of Aarhus
> Denmark
> e-mail : Brian at

I use a tube rotator to keep things mixed up (!) all the time.
I guess you can have one home-made by connecting a low speed motor
to a round plate.  If you can place the tubes on the plate and have it
rotating perpendicular to the table surface.  
This way the contents will be continously inverted ensuring an efficient
This comes very handy for me for a GENTLER AND KINDER phenol extraction 
where I cannot do vortexing.  
For about US$ 100 you may be able buy it from hospital supplies.  
What I have is made by
Scientific Equipment Products
2201 Aisquith St
Baltimore MD 21218

Raj Shankarappa
Univer of Pittsburgh.

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