Peltier PCR Instruments - Possible explaination of mixed reviews

Wed Aug 19 07:00:48 EST 1992

I had the first MJ machine placed in Canada. The peltier units failed
about every 4 to 6 months. MJ was VERY accomodating in getting my unit
repaired and returned to me ASAP at no charge. They continued to do so
even after warrantee and even included software upgrades no charge.
The peltier problems were so bad that the sales rep at the FASEB booth
recognized my name and began a spontaneous round of apologies.

The last peltier was installed during the summer on 1990. Since then
we have had no further problems. I believe the MJ machine is one of
the most versatile machines on the market. We use it for PCR, sequencing
controlled rate annealling and occasionally for restriction digestion
run at odd temperatures.

Don Back
Department of Biochemistry
Queen's University
Kingston, Ontario. CANADA.

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