TMACl hybridization of RNA:DNA

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Fri Aug 14 10:20:15 EST 1992

Hello all you kind people out there!

I am trying to set up a system to catch some RNA in solution with at DNA oligo
of 22 bp. This oligo is attached to DYNA-beads.
So my question is: has anyone experience in this sort of hybridisation, 
especially I am interested in knowing if TMACl (tetramethylammonium chloride)
will have the same effect on RNA:DNA hybrides as on DNA:DNA hybrids. (I've
got some references on DNA:DNA, but haven't been able to find any on RNA:DNA).

Furthermore I would like if somebody has some experience on how to keep the
DYNA-beads from falling to the bottom (I know the hard way, resuspending them
mannully ones in a while, but as a normal human beeing, I am seeking for some-
thing to do the job for me)

Any suggestion is more than wellcome. 

Peter Kristensen
Department of chemistry
Division of Biostructural Chemistry
University of Aarhus

e-mail : Brian at

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