Peltier PCR Instruments - Possible explaination of mixed reviews

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Tue Aug 18 13:59:16 EST 1992

In article <92231.105414REE700A at MAINE.MAINE.EDU> REE700A at MAINE.MAINE.EDU 
comments on the mixed reviews of Peltier element thermal cyclers and then notes
changes MJ research did to improve the reliability of the
commercially-available elements when used in cyclers.  He then ask:

>How many people that don't like Peltier
>systems have their adverse experience on POST-July '90 MJ RESEARCH

Well, we got an early MJ cycler several years ago which eventually developed
problems and was "upgraded" with a new element (under warranty),  Since then we
have had ZERO problems; this on a cycler that we use every day (often several
times/day).  A very satisfied user.

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