Peltier PCR Instruments - Possible explaination of mixed reviews

Tue Aug 18 09:54:14 EST 1992

  Recently Dr. Richard Levenson placed a query for suggestions on PCR
Instruments.  One person loved the MJ research Peltier-based system.
Another (Phil Carl of UNC) hated Peltier in general.  Another replied
with a summary of their own survey (lost name @ vtvm1...) with 12 of
15 suggesting the MJ Research PTC-100.

  So, I called MJ Research (800-729-2165) and asked the rep (Jim Michas)
why Peltier-based PCR instruments would have such mixed reviews.  He said
that their original machines (pre- July 1990) usedf commercially available
Peltier devices and these devices couldn't stand up to the constant cycling.
They realized this and performed some research into improved Peltier cells.

  In July 1990, they introduced instruments based on their own Peltier
cells.  Since then 13 units have been returned out of 1900 shipped.  There,
I'm done quoting their sales pitch.  How many people that don't like Peltier
systems have their adverse experience on POST-July '90 MJ RESEARCH
     Thanks...   Jeff Andle
                 BIODE, Inc. & University of Maine
                 because two checks are better than one!

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