Lab stocks database: re-re-re-inventing the wheel

Michael Holloway ca566 at cleveland.Freenet.Edu
Sat Aug 15 21:26:31 EST 1992

In a previous article, dadler at (David A. Adler) says:

>around. The current requester has a DOS machine and RBASE and was quoted  
>$6,000. to have her freezer stocks' database created.

Typical.  I apoligize to you hard working software developers out there,
but these people seem to have no concept at all about what kind of budgets
we work with.  I've had salespeople tell me that all we have to do is go
off and write a grant for the money.  It's like  we're lazy because we
can't pay their price.  It never seems to occur to anyone that they have to
make a product that the typical lab can afford.

>THE IMMEDIATE QUESTION: Does anyone have a sample stock database application  
>for RBASE that they would be willing to share?

Spreadsheet or simple flat file database programs are more than adequate to
the task, or so I naively assume.  Can anyone explain why not?

>THE BIGGER QUESTION: Should someone, let's say NIH, fund some lab management  
>database development so that duplication and disaster can be avoided?
>(What's $6,000 x the # of labs that need such software?)

This argument never got very far to saving Bionet, did it?  Think of all
the wasted money from people duplicating database and analysis facilities,
not just institution to institution but in lab to lab, sometimes in labs
right next door to one another!


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