Two Sequencing questions:

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>>I have two questions regarding sequencing protocols:
>>1.  Our 35-S gels are still sticky after drying; the saran wrap sticks to them 
>>and is difficult to remove.  Why?  We also noticed that removing the saran wrap
>>and placing film directly on the gels apparently causes some damage to the 
>>film from the moisture or urea in the gel...
This is the nth time I've heard of people wanting to remove the saran wrap
of gels containing 35S. Why ? We don't fix our gels, nor take of the wrap. We
peel the gels of the glass with Whatman 3MM and dry them under wrap in a vacuum gel dryer. Than expose them to Fuji RX (not a very sensitive film !) and get good results from an overnight exposure. Just make sure your reactions are good (CLEAN template and good template to primer ratio)
>>2.  Anyone have any experience with 33-P yet?  We would like to know if the 
>>energy from this isotope is sufficient to pass through saran wrap so we can 
>>expose films without taking the wrap off.
>	You mean 32-P? The answer is yes. Even with 35-S sequencing gel we exposure the dried gel without removing the saran wrap. The results are satisfied if you labeling reaction is good. 

We are about to develop some film from a 33P run. We'll let you know tomorrow
what our findings are.............................

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