Two Sequencing questions:

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Wed Aug 12 22:53:28 EST 1992

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>I have two questions regarding sequencing protocols:
>1.  Our 35-S gels are still sticky after drying; the saran wrap sticks to them 
>and is difficult to remove.  Why?  We also noticed that removing the saran wrap
>and placing film directly on the gels apparently causes some damage to the 
>film from the moisture or urea in the gel...
This is a frequently recurring theme. In our lab we don't remove the saran wrap
All we do is dry our gels on a vacuum dryer with the heat turned up to 80 dgc, leave
the wrap and expose overnight to good effect. If your signal is a bit weak,
examine your template (is it clean, is there enough ?) and the template to
primer ratio.

>2.  Anyone have any experience with 33-P yet?  We would like to know if the 
>energy from this isotope is sufficient to pass through saran wrap so we can 
>expose films without taking the wrap off.

We'll post an answer to Q2 tomorrow (it's running right now !)


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