Oligo detritylation

drm21 at uk.ac.cam.bio.mbuk drm21 at uk.ac.cam.bio.mbuk
Tue Aug 11 10:03:50 EST 1992

Hi Netters,

I have a problem with  some oligos I made on our synthesizer, and I hope
maybe someone can help:

The machine usually automatically removes the 5' trityl group before
delivering the oligo in ammonia solution.  I then deprotect by heating
overnight at 55C before ethanol precipitating the oligo.

Unfortunately, the machine was set wrongly this time, so that the trityl
group was left ON.  I discovered this before precipitating the oligo but
after deprotecting at 55C.  The question is, what, if anything, should I do
to detritylate my oligos?

Many thanks fo ryour help....


Wellcome/CRC Institute,
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drm21 at mbuk.bio.cam.ac.uk

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