Putting down METHODS????

mike morris morris at medsun.unige.ch
Mon Aug 10 08:39:10 EST 1992

In article <CMM. at genbank.bio.net>, kristoff at GENBANK.BIO.NET (Dave Kristofferson) writes:
> > "Wasted bandwidth" is never the problem, it is the time of the readers,
> > which is what you were talking about all along.
> > 
> > A BIG CHEESE I sometimes hear from puts down methods, saying "I've never
> > heard of any of the people who post to methods.  When I have a question,
> > I call up the OTHER BIG CHEESE and ask him."
> A belated comment on this (which made my blood boil a bit): While
> there is obviously sterling logic in calling the expert in the field,
> what harm can come from also sending out a posting and seeing if
> anything positive turns up??
> BIG CHEESES sometimes forget that they were little once (in the very
> *dim* past 8-).  One assumes that they became BIG by having good ideas
> *when* they were *little* which, **fortunately for them**, other BIG
> people listened to and agreed with.  Seems like there is a certain
> arrogance here when one is *only* willing to listen to someone BIG.
> This also betrays a cookbook approach to science.  Do we still
> **think** about experimental methods or do we just **collect Julia
> Child's recipes exclusively**??!!

How many big cheeses do YOU know who can run a gel? Let alone do a real expt?

Mike M. 

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