promoter sequence listings

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Sun Aug 9 09:01:00 EST 1992

In article <7AUG92.10500188 at>, wetsel_r at writes...
>I think I can help.  Get into GCG and "fetch" a file called TFSITES.DAT; ..
>This file contains at least a few hundred promoter elements assembled by the
>people at GCG.  You can then use "findpatterns" to find elements from within
>this data file in you sequence of interest.   Let me know how it turns out...

Do not be too concerned if you do not have access to GCG. The above 
mentioned file is available throught anonymous ftp from, 
look in the repository/TFD/datasets directory. The above file is from the 
TFD database maintained by David Ghosh at the NCBI. The file is text so it 
can be used on almost any computer.

Mike Cherry

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