Protein A Magnetic Beads?

Michael Benedik bchs1b at Elroy.UH.EDU
Thu Aug 6 22:15:09 EST 1992

In article <1992Aug6.143431.1 at>, dreyfuss at writes:
>Hello --
>Does anyone out there know of a source for Protein-A conjugated magnetic beads? 
>I'd like to do some magnetic immunoprecipitations without having to biotinylate
>my antibody and use streptavidin beads.
>Thanks --
>Doug Portman
>Molecular Biology Graduate Group
>University of Pennsylvania
>dreyfuss at

Is there any reason you just can't use Protein A conjugated Sepharose
beads? We use those for our immunoppts. and just pellet them out
in a microfuge for 10 secs.

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