S35- met labelling of proteins: URGENT

Martyn K. White mkw6d at dayhoff.med.Virginia.EDU
Thu Aug 6 15:33:57 EST 1992

In article <1992Aug2.143721.1 at agri.huji.ac.il> marder at agri.huji.ac.il writes:
>In article <31JUL92.11313854 at wums.wustl.edu>, wetsel_r at wums.wustl.edu writes:
>> 	A second point that Martyn White (mkw6 at dayhoff.med.virginia.edu)
>> brought to my attention is that 35S-met is volitile (sp?) and *hot* by
>> products can escape from your flask and stick to your incubator.  This
>> David
>I have found that the above is true for 35S-Cysteine, but never noticed it
>for 35S-Methionine.  I used 35S-Met for many years without any problems
>i.e. micropipettes, gloves etc. all checked as clean (unless in actual
>contact with the hot solution).  The first time I tried 35S-Cys, everything
>got hot.
>                                 '      Jonathan B. Marder

	35S-met of the purest grade offered by NEN _does_ give
volatile by-products.  The cheap stuff that ICN sells that is
basically hydrolysed protein from bacteris grown with 35S gives even
	The use of baggies to contain the dishes of cells 
and trays of charcoal powder next to them controls the problem
of the inside of the incubator getting hot.

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