S35- met labelling of proteins: URGENT

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Sun Aug 2 04:07:21 EST 1992

In article <31JUL92.11313854 at wums.wustl.edu>, wetsel_r at wums.wustl.edu writes:
> 	A second point that Martyn White (mkw6 at dayhoff.med.virginia.edu)
> brought to my attention is that 35S-met is volitile (sp?) and *hot* by
> products can escape from your flask and stick to your incubator.  This
> speaks from experience from having to clean out the incubator after it
> "lights up" with 35S counts detected by wipe tests :-)   He went on to
> suggest that flasks and plates are best enclosed in some sort of baggie to
> limit the spread of 35S compounds.  Heed this warning lest you spend half a
> day using contrad to clean out your incubator... ::grin::
> David

I have found that the above is true for 35S-Cysteine, but never noticed it
for 35S-Methionine.  I used 35S-Met for many years without any problems
i.e. micropipettes, gloves etc. all checked as clean (unless in actual
contact with the hot solution).  The first time I tried 35S-Cys, everything
got hot.
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