NuSieve gels

David Knorr dak at biosys.apldbio.COM
Thu Aug 6 13:55:11 EST 1992

Yes  4% NuSieve gels  can be quite  brittle.  I handle  all my agarose
gels using a long plastic spatula.  They're  cheap and effective.  You
just have to be careful  about  sliding your gel  onto the floor.  For
really  big  gels  I  have used  two  spatulas, but   the coordination
required seems to increase eponentialy.

Addition of  agarose to NuSieve   can increase tensile strength...just
have to play with the concentrations until you  get one that works for
you molecules.  I  routinely run 3%NuSieve/1%  agarose  for separating
things in the 200 - 800 bp range.

Dave Knorr
DAK at

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