Phosphoimager any experiences?

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Tue Dec 1 13:42:00 EST 1992

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>>We've been using the MD system for over a year now and it is great.
>>In article <SPRENGEL.92Nov28142727 at>, sprengel at (Joerg Sprengel) writes:
>>> Dear Netters,
>>> is there sombody who has experiences exposing autoradiograms (all kind
>>> of blots, sequencing gels, ...) with these machines (ie. trapping the
>>> energy derived from the radiactivity in a phosphor coated plate, and
>>> measuring the luminiscence) ?
>>Yes - we use it for virtually all of our detection applications now.  
>>Sequencing gels, Southerns, northerns, 35S protein detection, 14C metabolite
>>analysis etc...  It is very sensitive and will save you a lot of time, or
>>even permit experiments that could not be done before.  In the "new" 
>>configuration the MD machine is now rapid enough to scan and print while you 
>>wait.  Best is that you only need one exposure as you can set your image 
>What is the "new" configuration?  Is it updated software for Windows 3.1 or a
>change in the hardware?
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Both. Check out the phosphorimager after Thursday!


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