Random priming advice

skspoidn at reading.ac.uk skspoidn at reading.ac.uk
Tue Dec 1 04:42:40 EST 1992

re -----
.....Better still, make up your own 
kit; it won't necessarily work better, but will force 
you to really learn about 
what's going on.

Dave Meyer
djmeyer at ucdavis.edu
Mann Laboratory
Department of Vegetable Crops
University of California, Davis


Please explain how you are forced to understand a procedure
 better if instead of add A to B you do add 
5 A 5 C 5 G 5 T MgCl BME 32P etc.  

A person will understand a procedure if he wants to understand 
the procedure. Forcing him to waste time and money 
making the reagents up helps noone.

Mike "kitkitkitkitkitkitkit" Poidinger
Dept of Flame
University of Reading

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