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>If you've got beaucoup-bucks, no problem; if one needs to be thrifty,
>making up the reagents in a kit as simple as a random-priming kit
>SAVES MONE -- one tube of hexanucleotides is enough to make dozens
>of kits, and I for one don't think it's wise to have several special-
>purpose kits in the freezer, each with its own opened tube of polymerase.   

Yes but when your RT-PCR reactions don't work the way they're supposed
to, your primers mysteriously acquire cDNA contaminants and you see a
recently recruited rosy cheeked young graduate student fresh from Mol.
Bio 600 walking around with the common stock tube of MMLV in his warm
sweaty *hand* while he conducts a leisurely telephone take a deep breath remembering that working with
others is supposed to be part of the 'PhD experience' and you order a
kit for yourself. Then you take the tubes out of the original box and
put them in a plain white one with, "Do not open, touch or otherwise
approach" marked in inch high purple letters on the lid.

Having blown off steam....


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