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John Alsobrook ALSOBROOK at
Wed Dec 2 17:46:06 EST 1992

> AAAArrrgggghhhhh
> A person will understand a procedure if he wants to understand 
> the procedure. Forcing him to waste time and money 
> making the reagents up helps noone.
> Mike "kitkitkitkitkitkitkit" Poidinger
> Dept of Flame
> University of Reading

I do agree with you.

It is perfectly possible to understand how a kit works without having
personally purified and mixed each component yourself; you could even
follow recipes and make up a kit without knowing what the hell you're
doing - happens all the time (probably at most companies that sell kits!).

Now strapping on the asbestos pads...

If you've got beaucoup-bucks, no problem; if one needs to be thrifty,
making up the reagents in a kit as simple as a random-priming kit
SAVES MONEY -- one tube of hexanucleotides is enough to make dozens
of kits, and I for one don't think it's wise to have several special-
purpose kits in the freezer, each with its own opened tube of polymerase.   

So Mike, do you buy big jugs of 5X TBE from Sigma? If you can afford it,
good for you, but otherwise...

Now removing protective gear and shutting off the burner...

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