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Thu Dec 3 09:03:32 EST 1992

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>Hello all...
>In advance of some experiments to be performed by a co-worker (and at
>the request of my boss), I would like to find out if anyone has tried
>using plasmid DNA recovered with Promega's Magic MiniPrep kit directly
>for use with the Sequenase kit.
Yes, all the time.  Our vectors are p-Bluescript based and we have found 
the material obtained from the Magic minis to be easily sequenced.  

Just for the record, we've found the maxi and mega preps can be used with 
cosmids grown in Terrific Broth.  From a liter we were able to get enough 
material (400 ug) for a prep digest.  We prefer CsCl for cosmid but we were 
in a pinch and just gave the Maxi a proverbial shot...

Hope this helps...

haviland at

>The plasmid we're recovering is small (apx. 6 kb), yield and cleanliness
>look good on agarose gels, but the Sequenase kit has been (in our hands)
>somewhat fussy about the DNA used.

=Some deleted=

> >Has anyone had similar experience tweaking the kit to accept plasmid DNA
>recovered with the Magic MiniPrep kit?
>Any information as to the viability of this approach, and suggestions
>for its successful implementation, will be greatly appreciated.

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