magic mp & sequenase

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Thu Dec 3 08:38:33 EST 1992

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>Hello all...
>In advance of some experiments to be performed by a co-worker (and at
>the request of my boss), I would like to find out if anyone has tried
>using plasmid DNA recovered with Promega's Magic MiniPrep kit directly
>for use with the Sequenase kit.

Works really really well.  We use Magic MP DNA for sequencing all the time, 
and the results parallel those obtained with cesium purified DNA.  I 
typically use about 2 mls of an overnight culture per miniprep, elute the 
DNA in 100 ul of TE, and use half the amount for sequencing.

Elution of the DNA in ddH20 (as opposed to TE) results in lower yields (at 
least in my hands).


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