PCR sequencing

skspoidn at reading.ac.uk skspoidn at reading.ac.uk
Thu Dec 3 05:13:50 EST 1992

DMEIER at mis.mcw.edu's query:
>  I am designing a set of primers which will give me a PCR product of
>approx. 600 bases.  These primers will have EcoR I and Hind III 
>restriction sites (one only for each primer of course).
>  Is there a plasmid of choice I should put the PCR product in for 
>  All replies will be gratefully received.

Any vector will do, of course, tho I go for
 PUC18/19 cause it comes in KITS :)

If you dont need the DNA, only the sequence, try direct
 PCR sequencing. It greatly reduces the chance of cloning 
an error full product, which can happen with PCR, 
and guess what...It comes in a kit! (Promega fmol system)

Mike Poidinger
Promega rep Oh no my secrets out
Dept of Microbiology
University of Reading

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