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Thu Dec 3 05:09:04 EST 1992

In reply to everyone else :)
>If you've got beaucoup-bucks, no problem; if one needs to be thrifty,
>making up the reagents in a kit as simple as a random-priming kit

>1. They are causing a tremendous inflation in the cost of doing research.
>You may think you have "beacoup bucks" but in fact those taxpayers who support
>you do not.

So everyone says. I'll believe it when I see it. Have you worked
 out man hours and costs for those reagents? 2 specific examples:
 both the Promega fmol sequencing kit and Magic Maxiprep system are
 MUCH CHEAPER than home made stuff, based on ingredient cost ALONE.
 Consider the cost in man hours and possible systemic poisoning from
 some of these procedures and there is no alternative.

>So Mike, do you buy big jugs of 5X TBE from Sigma? If you can afford it,
>good for you, but otherwise...

No, I dont. I advocate kits where they are useful. This 
is a relative, qualatative thing, and is lab dependent. 
I just hate the gainsaying of kits beacause they are kits.

>2. They reduce exchange of information between researchers, as aptly 
>demonstrated every day in this forum, by making this information proprietary.

hahahahaha come on. Be serious! proprietry information? Anyone
 want the complete protocol list for every kit I use with the
 modifications (yes that's right, modifications), that I use?

>The only excuse for getting a kit pertains to those kits (eg. USB's Sequenase)
>which have full disclosure of all materials and techniques. Even these
>need only be bought once. Luckily those who insist on wasting precious 
>resources (eg. our English friend) will be probably be consitently eclipsed
>by those working without the false sense of luxury afforded by certain
>research environments. If someone finds mixing one's own buffer solutions
>a "waste of time" he had best find another hobby

sigh sigh sigh. If it is a waste of time, then I will call it a waste of 
time. taxpayers money, as well. 
Umm, BTW, how does making up these things allow you to eclips me,
 exactly? The time You spend making 'em up I am spending performing 
experiments, with full knowledge of how the kit works, knowledge that
 when I optimize the system it will work everytime, knowledge that money
 has been SAVED etc etc.

Mike "damn the asbestos pads, I'm in my asbestos bunker" Poidinger
Flame of Flame,
University of Flame

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